Welcome to the California Community College BI Content Pack

The CCC BI Content Pack leverages the latest Microsoft Cloud BI Services, the CCC MIS files and the Chancellor’s office Data Element Dictionary to deliver a robust, fully automated cloud BI & Analytics solution to any college in the CCC system at a fraction of the time and cost of comparable BI & Analytics solutions.

Test Drive the CCC BI Content Pack:

Hover over the in the upper left corner and click on ‘Reports’ to select and view sample CCC BI Content Pack reports for a fictional CCC college.

Robust, Self-help Custom Reporting:

The sample reports in this CCC BI Content Pack Test Drive are just the beginning. The true power of the CCC BI Content Pack is that it immediately enables your insitution to spend less time manually gathering data and more time analyzing information to uncover new institutional insights, meet complex regulatory reporting requirements or efficiently address current custom reporting demands.

The CCC BI Content Pack automates processing of the complex raw MIS files, harnessing the rich data elements in those files into a powerful, intuitive custom reporting dataset. Power BI, Tableau and other self-help reporting tools can then be connected to this dataset to quickly generate new institutional insights and myriad custom reports.

  • All sample reports in this CCC BI Content Pack Test Drive are included out-of-the-box
  • Enables custom reporting across vital student, enrollment and outcome measures - Enrollment, Retention, Success, FTES, Student Awards and many more (>30 measures in total)
  • Disaggregate measures by Student Demographics, Special Population, Course, Top Code and many more (>50 ways to dynamically slice and drill)
  • Eliminates expensive and redundant manual data gathering and reporting efforts
  • Easily extendable to incorporate other internal and external data sources beyond MIS files

Deploy in a day at a fraction of the cost:

Unlike comparable HiED BI offerings which require long technical consulting engagements or IT involvement, take months to implement and can reach 6-figure price tags, the CCC BI Content Pack:

  • Leverages your college's raw MIS files with no additional manipulation required
  • Can be fully deployed in less than 1 hour and requires no cloud or technical expertise of any kind
  • Costs a fraction of comparable cloud or on-prem HiED BI solutions
  • Full cloud-based solution with minimal set up and maintenance considerations
  • Plus... all data processing and storage is fully secure, FERPA compliant and executes directly in your college's Microsoft Azure tenant...no data ever leaves your control

The cloud BI architecture of the CCC BI Content Pack utilizes the latest Microsoft Azure PaaS BI platform services and the latest Microsoft Azure cloud automation technologies. The result is a fully automated, web-based deployment process that requires zero cloud or technical expertise to deploy or to refresh as new MIS data becomes available.

When your college is ready to purchase and deploy the CCC BI Content Pack, the self-help deployment and refresh site can be found here.

More Information:

Several colleges in the CCC have already implemented the CCC BI Content Pack. Feedback regarding the simplicity of self-help deployment and refresh, level of custom reporting enabled and new insights generated has been excellent.

Contact us to receive customizable versions of the reports in this test drive with sample data, be referred to a CCC college that has already implemented the CCC BI Content Pack or any other additional information about the CCC BI Content Pack.